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Calcite Powder

We are a one end destination to avail Calcite Powder in Rajasthan, India. Our range of Calcite Powder is made from naturally occurring calcium carbonate that crystallizes in Rhombohedra form. Calcite Powder offered by us can be distinguished from identical minerals and barites by its low specific gravity and characteristics of calcite. We offer Calcite Powder that is white in color and pulverized form. Transparency, high degree of purity and perfect crystalline structure are the Principal characteristics of Calcite Powder offered by us. Our Calcite Powder is widely used in polarized films and lenses also. We are a principal Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Calcite Powder.

Uses :
  • It is used as flux in glass industry.
  • Used as filler in rubber industry.
  • It is also utilized in sizing of textile goods. It also provides mortar cement, bleaching powder etc.
  • The transparent variety of calcite Powder is used in optical industry for manufacturing nicol prism.
  • Ceramic industry is another consumer of calcite.
  • Calcite in pulverized state is consumed for the manufacture of paint and distemper. It is also used in pesticides and insecticides.

Chemical Composition of Calcite : It is natural calcium carbonate.

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